Building and optimising an E-Commerce business is a science. Verum has a proven track record of helping E-Commerce businesses grow their business exponentially online. A few elements to consider when building an E-Commerce website on top of the core elements we’ve already discussed for the fundamentals of a good website are:

Selecting the right platform

There are multiple E-Commerce platforms, each with their own benefits and sacrifices. Selecting the right platform for your unique needs can have a dramatic effect not only on startup costs but the total cost of ownership over time. You also need to ensure that the platform you select is going to help you achieve your business goals. Our experience allows us to guide you to make a decision that is fiscally responsible and will lead to the growth of your business with a long-term plan for growth.

Mapping your client journey and going after the right customers

We take the time to understand your business model, your product and your ideal customer. Once we have agreed on who your ideal customer is, we then use Verum Analytics to discover how your customers are finding your goods online. We then create a digital and marketing strategy and combine it with a compelling website designed to motivate your customers to do business with you, repeatedly.

Minimising the steps from interest to intent to buy to an actual transaction taking place.

Like Amazon’s one-click checkout, we want to minimise the steps for a motivated customer to buy from you. Simple and small tweaks in the cog early on in the chain can make a dramatic difference further down the funnel.

Conversion Optimization


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