A compelling website is a crucial part of your website. Your website is your best sales tool, it doesn’t sleep, ask for a pay rise, take leave or get sick and best of all, it can answer your customers query at 3am.

No two websites are ever the same, which is why a website can be built for $500 or $50,000. In order for a website to rank well on Google, organically generate leads and business, there are four core elements that your website must excel in. We build websites that generate leads and grow your business by ensuring that every website we build excel in said elements verifiable with independent testing. These are:


Speed plays a critical role on how your website generates you business and ranks in Google. All of our clients websites are independently tested using Google’s own speed testing suite. On top of building highly optimised websites for speed, our hosting infrastructure is honed for speed and stability. Click here to see your website speed


The next core element is Design. Design is an all encompassing word covers everything from telling a compelling visual story through to motivating your customers to buy from you. Rather than purchasing a ready-made theme that performs poorly, our designers hand-craft designs to tell your story and motivate them to buy your goods and services.


Whether you are producing video or writing content for a website – content is king. Good design, combined with a lightning fast website and great content work together in unison to grow your business. We take a scientific approach to starting content. All of our clients go through Verum Analytics where we map how your customers are finding you and where your ideal customers live online. That data is then used to create compelling content that leads to explosive business growth.

Mobile Responsiveness & Usability

The last core element of a website lies around usability and responsiveness. With more than half of your customers visiting your website on a mobile device, it’s crucial for your website to provide your customers with an easy to use website optimised for the device they are using. All of these elements combined are specifically designed to gain the trust of your potential customers and motivate them to do business with you.

The Verum Difference

● Bespoke

We don’t use off the shelf templates to build client websites. We use a content management system to allow you to manage your own website easily. All of our designs are bespoke and hand-crafted catered to suit your individual needs and to generate more leads and grow your business.

● Self Management

When you pay for a website to be built, we want you to not only fully own it and have full rights to it, we ensure that you are able to manage it yourself. That’s why every website that we build comes with free training to allow you to maintain and update your website to your heart’s content.

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