Over 95% of all internet searches begin with a simple Google search. Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your website is in front of potential customers that are search for a specific product or service.

Using Verum Analytics, we can measure exactly what your clients are search for, where they are searching from and how many of them are searching for your products or service on a monthly basis. Using their search terms we can also measure intent (for example, someone looking for an ‘emergency locksmith’, needs a locksmith – now), based on that intent, we can curate content that ranks on page 1 of Google and motivates your customers to buy from you.

A successful SEO campaign provides many benefits:

  • Appear in front of your clients and put relevant content in front of them that will convert.
  • Return on investment is easily tracked
  • Long-term business growth
  • An effective use of your marketing budget and means that you have decreased reliance on paid advertising.

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