Digital Strategy plays a key role in the long-term success of your business. At Verum, we take a unique approach to developing data-based strategies that deliver results. How we do it can simply be broken down:

 Digital Maturity Audit

We take a comprehensive look at where you are in your journey and identify key gaps in your existing strategy, look at your competition and where you stand in comparison both locally and internationally and develop a pathway towards digital transformation.

Customer Focus Groups

The next step is to find out who your customers are, their likes, their dislikes, what their persona is and why your customers do business with you. Using information gathered in these focus groups, we can then create multiple buying personas and develop strategies that work.

Communication Strategy

Now that we know who your customers are and where you are at with your journey, we can begin to develop a communication strategy which also involves looking at your brand and essentially – who you are and why your customers do business with you.

Growth Strategy & Data

The next step is to take a look at what data we can gather and the data points and analytics that can be setup and how that data can be utilised towards an effective growth strategy. This is where we would look at experiential selling, marketing automation and effective conversion pathways.

Prototype, test, learn and grow

Lastly, once we have developed a strategy – we need to ensure that it’s effective at a smaller scale and scale up until we find the law of diminishing returns. The idea is to fail fast rather than fail big and use these learnings to refine and tweak and using this method, we’ve been able to successfully deliver cost-effective strategies and produce a great return on investment.

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