Company Profile

At Ester Electrical, Auckland we work on a wide variety of projects both large and small. Our project management, safety and budget systems are what allow us to deliver an exceptional finish to any project. We value close communication with our clients and complete work efficiently within the given time frame.

We listen to what you say, ask questions to make sure we’ve got it clear, and advise you when it is important to the success of your project – in short, we work in partnership with you. That is why most of our clients are long-term, multi-project partners. Our team of Master Electricians brings solutions to your project and complete it safely within time and at a cost effective rate.

The Brief

Kyle at Ester Electrical had a website built by another provider and was paying them for monthly SEO with little to no results. His website was poorly optimized and he wasn’t generating any leads from his monthly SEO bill. 

Our Solution

There’s no point marketing a poorly optimized website. We took a 3 tier measurable approach ensuring a swift return on investment. 

WordPress website optimization

The first step was to ensure that we were able to optimise the Ester Electrical website. This can be a very cumbersome experience as many smaller firms in the industry don’t follow best practice – leading to issues down the road. There’s also little to no point spending money on Search Engine Optimisation or Google Adwords on a website that is poorly optimised. 

At Verum, we’ve optimised hundreds of WordPress websites and put our money where our mouth is. If we can’t optimise your website, we’ll provide you with a full refund. Here’s a quick before and after of the Ester Electrical WordPress optimisation results:

Ester Electrical Case Study Comparison Report

Search Engine Optimisation

Now that we have as close to a technically perfect product as possible, it’s time for a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy. We worked closely with Kyle at Ester Electrical to come up with a compelling SEO strategy spanning from Keyword Research right through to content and off-page SEO. The resulted in massive ranking improvements against extremely competitive keywords. We were able to get him on Page 1 for the keyword ‘electrician’ for which there are over 3000 searches a month in Auckland alone. 

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