The Brief

About Huntech Outdoors

From the small humble beginnings in a single car garage to an international renowned hunting brand.

Huntech is Australia’s oldest hunting clothing brand. They had an e-commerce website that was heavily outdated compared to the competition and it was becoming more and more difficult to manage with no integration with their inventory management system. There was plenty of doubling up and the website was simply not bringing in revenue.


Veurm Projects - Huntech Website Design and Development
Veurm Projects - Huntech Website Design and Development

Our Solution

The tricky thing with working with a well known brand that has generations of families as customers is ensuring that through the process of modernising their technology stack, that we don’t lose the heart of what makes Huntech Outdoors special. We provided Huntech Outdoors with a full suite of solutions from going back to the drawing board to branding, website development, bespoke integration and marketing. 

E-Commerce website development

This project was not a simple e-commerce development job. There were specific functionality requirements which meant that we had to pick a tool that was simple enough for in-office use but complex enough to allow for bespoke functionality. The website had to:

  • Handle multiple currencies with updated exchange rates
  • Handle global shipping pricing and integration
  • Redirect traffic to different region specific pages
  • Allow the client to have region specific content around different holidays etc…
  • Allow for constant split testing
  • Be able to handle hundreds of products with thousands of variations
  • Scale under load

Our solution is built with a seemingly simple WooCommerce and WordPress frontend. However much of the complex nitty gritty happens via the help of custom wordpress plugins we have developed or bespoke solutions that feed data into WordPress using the REST API. 

MYOB EXO integration with WordPress

Part of saving Huntech Outdoors time and to stop any issues with stock or human error was to ensure that we integrated with their inventory management tool. We’ve integrated MYOB EXO with woocommerce to ensure that we have up to the minute stock and pricing information as well as 2 way sync. This can be developed further to offer even more automation in the future. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Now that we have developed as close to a technically perfect product as possible. The next natural step is to ensure that their products are easy to find online. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that new prospective clients are able to find them. As a result of this, we’ve tripled organic traffic and doubled their e-commerce conversion. The results speak for themselves. 

Veurm Projects - Huntech Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

The Hunting community is very active on Social Media. This is an area that was simply untapped in the past. At Verum we came up with a strategy that we are now executing on a monthly basis to organically grow the Huntech Outdoors social media following. We’ve more than tripled their numbers and aim to overtake the bulk of their competition by the end of 2019. 

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