Company Profile

Situated In the Heart of papakura town center, South 83’s location places you in the heart of boundless dining and entertainment options, right at your doorstep. From some of the best cafes to be found, to a growing area for nightlife, you will find it all within easy reach of your front step.

The Brief

Paula and Kurt, the Property Developers behind South 83 see Papakura as an excellent candidate for modern urban living. They wanted to share their vision with potential customers, investors and government bodies. This was difficult to do with a simple architectural render and text. 

Our Solution

We helped bring their vision to life by taking the age old approach of ‘Show me, don’t tell me’. In order to deliver something that would be both budget friendly and different, we had to innovate. 

3D Virtual Reality interactive property walkthroughs:

With a few simple tools such as the floor plan and aesthetic guidance from the South 83 team. We developed an interactive 3d property walkthrough that will let you walk through their developments right from your web browser. It works across all devices and on mobile, it will also allow you to have a full VR walkthrough of the property. Try it on your mobile phone by clicking on the link below. 

Impactful storytelling through Video and Animation:

The next logical step was to convey their vision for Papakura using meaningful mediums. So we opted for video involving animation, drone footage and interview style video. This video has been used in multiple presentations and has become a core part of their pitch deck.

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