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About Tommy’s Property Management

Our service is different from the rest. We have brought the well-known professionalism and industry expertise from our real estate business which allows us to improve on key areas in the market (that we have identified). Our team have a strong set of values and ethics which attracts quality properties and tenants alike.

We are committed to ‘service that exceeds your expectations’. Not only has it been our company’s mission for many years, but it is also a philosophy that has become the inspiration for growing our business. We aim to make every single client a genuine advocate of our service.

Tommy’s Rentals is a market leader in Property Management in Wellington. A core part of that strategy is pioneering technological advancements in their field. Tommy’s current website had buggy integration between Palace and their WordPress based website. They needed an experienced agency with previous experience in integrating Palace with WordPress.

Tommy's Property Management TPS Integration with WordPress
Tommy's Property Management TPS Integration with WordPress

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Tommy’s Rentals team to come up with a look and feel that perfectly complemented their brand and position in the market. We combined this with innovative technology not only to give them a visual edge but provide them with a technical edge over their competition. 

Their website has excellent technical features but a simple backend using WordPress makes it super easy for them to maintain, update and add to in-house. 

Palace Integration with WordPress

At Verum, we have developed our own bespoke integrations between WordPress and Palace Property Management. We’ve heavily invested into stable and effective integrations to ensure that there are no issues with stability, regularity of data updates and data integrity. At Verum we specialise in WordPress Integrations with Palace, providing our clients a hands-off solution with no headaches to boot. – TPS Integration with WordPress provides industry leading services including Credit Checking, Online Forms, training and a debt collection service under the name TPS Credit Control which has now been sold to NZ Collections. At Verum, we provide integrations between tenant application forms and WordPress. This allows a potential tenant to easily apply for a property without leaving the Tommy’s Rentals website and causing and workflow disruption. 

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