Email Marketing or EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) is alive and well and is a great way to promote your brand, services or products to existing customers or new customers. It’s important to select an E-Mail marketing tool that’s right for your business and will scale with your needs. We’ve worked with everything from Mailchimp through to Campaign Monitor etc..

A core part of effective email marketing is database segmentation. You want to break up your existing database to customers who are interested in certain products or services so that you can send them emails that are compelling enough for them to take a certain action.


Email Marketing is an extremely cheap way to market when compared to any other form of marketing. The best part is that you are usually marketing to individuals who have either done business with you in the past or are interested in doing business with you.

The data gathered through an effective campaign can also be utilised to create Email Marketing funnels and via effective automation, automatically send out follow up emails based on the actions that a user takes on a single email.

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