We’ve all had moments where we’ve been looking for a pair of shoes or that next fishing road, or even the dream boat and all of a sudden feel like we are being followed around on the internet. Remarketing is 10x more effective than traditional advertising as your ads are only displayed to individuals that are actively interested in your product or service.

Remarketing is used both by Facebook via the use of the Facebook Pixel or Google with Google Tags. We integrate these services with your website and every time a visitor visits a product or service page, we simply anonymously tag them. We can then remarket those services to them and know exactly where they fall into your sales funnel, we now know who we are talking to and where they are at their purchasing journey.

This also makes remarketing extremely profitable. 96% of visitors to your website leave without making a purchase, 70% of buyers will abandon their shopping cart without purchasing and 49% of buyers will visit a website 2-4 times before making a purchase. Remarketing enables us to speed up and close the sales loop.

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